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Dam Relicensing

The Maine TU Council FERC committee was formed to coordinate relicensing actions in Maine and its border waters by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

The work of the committee is eclectic, but its basic functions include the following:

  • Monitor and report FERC actions throughout Maine
  • Execute or support FERC-related actions
  • Approach and interact with Maine government officials as needed on FERC matters
  • Conduct training for groups with FERC project ownership
  • Conduct continuous outreach to local groups
  • Interact with and inform the Hydropower Reform Coalition
  • Prioritize and interact with academia to accomplish needed studies
  • Interact with the Low Impact Hydropower Institute regarding Maine hydropower project certification

Click here for information on other projects, how to interact directly with FERC, and upcoming events.

Restoring Atlantic salmon to the Kennebec River Watershed is Maine TU Council's top fisheries restoration priority. Click here for the latest information. 

Maine TU Council has established a legal defense fund to be able to take to court projects relicensed with unacceptable terms and conditions.

To Donate to the fund, use this link  - Donate to Maine TU  Legal Defense Fund 
Please indicate that your donation is for the Legal Defense Fund in additional information when you fill out the donation form.

Please contact Steve Heinz at for more information.