Brook Trout

The Brook Trout Pond Survey Project is a collaborative effort by the Maine Council of Trout Unlimited (METU), Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) and Maine Audubon (MA). The goal is to recruit volunteers to identify previously-undocumented wild brook trout populations in remote Maine ponds. Maine brook trout are a special resource, and we need to know where they are before we can protect and manage them appropriately. The information collected by volunteer anglers, verified by biologists, will help inform future fisheries management decisions.

Volunteer Anglers Needed in 2014

Brook Trout Pond Survey

There are still hundreds of ponds in Maine that have never been surveyed by fishery biologists, so we plan to continue volunteer survey efforts in 2014. We will be seeking additional volunteer anglers to assist with pond surveys across the state next fishing season. This project is a great excuse to spend more time fishing and explore new waters, while at the same time contribute to a meaningful trout conservation effort. The success of this project is entirely dependent on the data collected by volunteer anglers, so please consider helping with the Brook Trout Pond Survey in 2014.

Volunteers should be enthusiastic about fishing for brook trout, be comfortable in remote settings, and have a sense of adventure. We will update our website with new information as it becomes available.

For more information or to sign up to volunteer, please contact Amanda Moeser at Maine Audubon at 207-781-6180 x207, or